Transformative Training on Safe Abortion Empowers Medical Doctors & Healthcare Professionals

Transformative Training on Safe Abortion Empowers Medical Doctors & Healthcare Professionals

In a significant effort to advance reproductive healthcare, the International Medical Relief Organization (IMRO) organized a groundbreaking Values Clarification and Attitudes Transformation Training for Medical General Doctors Practitioners on Safe Abortion. This four-day training, held at the Grand Legacy Hotel from November 28th to December 1st, 2023, aimed to equip medical professionals with a profound understanding of safe abortion and its crucial role in reproductive healthcare.

Purpose of the Training: The primary goal of this training initiative was to provide 21 medical general doctors practitioners from various hospitals and 5 staff members from consortium members (IMRO, HDI, RNGOF, GLIHD, Strive Foundation Rwanda, and MDFC) with a clear understanding of safe abortion and its importance in reproductive healthcare. The training focused on disseminating information on the human rights perspective of abortion, dispelling myths and misconceptions, and promoting an understanding of the legal and policy frameworks surrounding abortion. The ultimate objective was to increase tolerance and reduce stigma among staff members towards those seeking abortion services.

Opening Ceremony: The event commenced with a warm welcome from Rosine Izabayo, representing Aimable Mwananawe, the Executive Director of IMRO. Melina Gaju served as the moderator for the training, emphasizing the importance of acquiring and applying knowledge gained from top trainers in Values Clarification and Attitudes Transformation (VCAT) on Safe Abortion.

Rosine Izabayo

Melina Gaju

Dr. Lawrence, speaking on behalf of RBC, underscored the positive impact of VCAT training on the nation. He highlighted the potential for medical practitioners to offer secure abortion services, addressing critical issues such as maternal fatalities, unintended pregnancies, and the overall improvement of women’s well-being. Emphasizing the collective responsibility in addressing safe abortion, Dr. Lawrence officially opened the training.

Dr. Lawrence

Chris from HDI emphasized the training’s objective to underscore key factors contributing to abortion as a focal point, including maternal deaths, limited information, and poverty. He urged medical practitioners to familiarize themselves with policies and laws related to safe abortion, addressing issues of unprofessionalism, myths, beliefs, morality, and ethics. Chris concluded with a hope that participants’ values would be transformed, emphasizing the essential role of respecting laws within the legal framework.

Chris from HDI

Training Sessions Highlights: The training covered a comprehensive range of essential topics related to safe abortion. Sessions included exploration of legal frameworks on sexual and reproductive health (SRH) and safe abortion, discussions on international and regional human rights and policy frameworks, and addressing barriers to safe abortion.

Me John Mudakikwa, on day one, delved into legal frameworks on SRH and safe abortion, emphasizing the importance of ensuring legal protection and access to safe abortion services. He covered international and regional human rights standards, highlighting the significance of the Maputo Protocol and global soft law agreements.

Me John Mudakikwa

Facilitator Mporanyi Theobald, on days 2, 3, and 4, examined the epidemiology of unsafe abortion in Rwanda. The training engaged participants in thought-provoking discussions around values and ethics on safe abortion, using the social-ecological model to understand multifaceted aspects influencing decision-making. Participants actively participated in exercises such as the “Four Corners,” which explored diverse perspectives on SRHR and safe abortion.

Mporanyi Theobald

Closing Ceremony: The closing ceremony began with a recap for attendees who were not present for all four days, followed by summaries of the training sessions. Dr. Amiel from GLIHD summarized content related to the legal framework on safe abortion and VCAT sessions. Aimable from IMRO expressed gratitude to participants for their active involvement.

Aimable from IMRO ED

Dr. Lawrence, acting as the guest of honor on behalf of RBC, commended participants for wholeheartedly engaging in the training. He emphasized the need for participants to ensure the proper provision of Comprehensive Abortion Care (CAC), highlighting its inclusion of psychological and essential elements. Dr. Lawrence urged participants to champion HIV prevention and Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) and officially concluded the training session.

In closing, IMRO extends heartfelt thanks to all participants, trainers, and collaborators for contributing to the success of this transformative training. The organization remains committed to advancing healthcare knowledge and promoting comprehensive reproductive healthcare services globally. For further insights, explore the detailed activity report.

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