Empowering Communities through World Contraception Day Celebration

Empowering Communities through World Contraception Day Celebration

Ihorere Munyarwanda Organization (IMRO) recently marked the International World Contraception Day (WCD) with a series of impactful activities aimed at raising awareness and promoting access to contraception. WCD, celebrated annually on September 26th, focuses on empowering individuals to make informed decisions about their sexual and reproductive health, advocating for family planning, and enhancing the availability of contraceptive methods.

Pre-WCD Activities: Building Momentum

Leading up to the celebration, IMRO spearheaded various initiatives to amplify the message of WCD within the Rwandan community. These initiatives included the production of visibility materials such as T-shirts, files, and promotional materials with the National Theme and related messages. Additionally, IMRO organized radio and TV spots to announce and promote the WCD celebration, engaging with popular channels like RBA (TV & Radio) and its community radios.

A robust social media campaign was also launched on Twitter and the official website, utilizing the hashtag #WCD2023 to maximize reach and engagement. These efforts set the stage for the main event and ensured that the message of family planning and contraception reached diverse audiences.

Celebration Activities: Building Healthy Communities

Under the theme “Build Healthy Communities and Sustainable Development through Promoting Contraception Use,” the celebration unfolded with an opening address by the Mayor of Nyamasheke district. The Mayor highlighted the challenges faced by the district, emphasizing the importance of improved health standards and increased accessibility to contraceptive services. The Mayor expressed gratitude to President HE Paul Kagame and acknowledged the support of various Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), UN representatives, and partners in advancing healthcare in the region.

Speakers Advocate for Family Planning

Various representatives and leaders from different organizations delivered insightful speeches during the celebration. The overarching message emphasized the vital role of family planning in fostering healthier lives and sustainable development. The challenges of low family planning utilization were attributed to the limited availability of contraceptives, prompting a call to examine regulations hindering adolescents’ access to family planning methods.

Closing Remarks: A Unified Call to Action

The event concluded with the Director of Health for Nyamasheke district expressing gratitude for the collective efforts and encouraging continued support for family planning. The importance of comprehensive information on family planning and the need for increased awareness were highlighted. The Director officially closed the event, emphasizing the essential role of health in overall development.

IMRO extends sincere thanks to all participants, speakers, and collaborators for their contributions to the success of the World Contraception Day celebration. The organization remains committed to advancing reproductive healthcare and building healthier communities globally.

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