“IMRO, CSOs played a remarkable contribution to our citizens’ welfare” Mayor Jacqueline

“IMRO, CSOs played a remarkable contribution to our citizens’ welfare” Mayor Jacqueline

The mayor of Muhanga District, Jacqueline Kayitare, valued activities carried out by Ihorere Munyarwanda Organization, with other 30 Civil Societies Organizations (CSOs), on law and human rights education and awareness, within 3 years operating in Muhanga District.

She made the remarks while addressing participants who attended CSOs, JLROs project evaluation as it is at phase out.According to the Mayor of Muhanga, CSOs role is irreversible in people’s well being mainly, IMRO, through JLRO’s  have increased our citizen’s awareness on legal and human rights, which are the basic engine to any society’s adequate progress.

“As the this project is phasing out, CSOs have tremendously contributed in law awareness, as public officials, we are also mandated to educate our citizens their rights but we have a limited time compared to CSOs working in law sector, they have enough time and people feel comfortable towards them” she noted, urging some public officials who conceal violence-related issues for the fear of being judged as under performers, to stop such misconducts.”



Mayor Jacqueline Kayitare Muhanga District

Domestic Violence, teen pregnancies are among the most cases that were identified during different citizens’ outreach carried out by IMRO and MAJ, jointly.

During this meeting, it was revealed that some Rwandan parents are still reluctant to report criminals, mainly on teen pregnancies issues, due to cultural background reasons and poor mindset, which negatively impact the victim and her baby.

Nyirahabimana Jeannette, a beneficiary who participated in IMRO’s campaigns on law awareness and human rights recognizes the support and pledges to be the referral to her neighbors on various human rights understanding.

“ Before participating and attending various campaigns on law awareness I had different attitude  regarding my rights, for instance, when it comes to reporting criminals, my initial alternative was to conceal information, fearing to ignite irritation  amongst my family members, but after deeply being educated and explained how this could negatively impact my society, I have changed for once for all” She testified.”


One of participants contributing during the session in Muhanga District

IMRO, CSOs have recommended Muhanga District officials and other partners to increase cross- collaboration and decrease the level of mistrust and stereotypes towards CSOs, where some public officials consider CSO’s as gain-seekers rather that a partner whose main mandate is the citizen’s welfare, as it is for public institutions.

Charlotte Mukandungutse, IMRO advocacy Manager said “We appreciate partnership the support of Muhanga District throughout three years we have operated here, but there are some hindrances to achieve our citizens development on law awareness, mistrust between CSOs and Public sector, we are optimistic, this mindset will be eradicated” She recommended


Mukandungutse Charlotte, IMRO Advocacy and Policy Advisor

The project also is being implemented in other 10  districts across the country.

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