How CSOs played a vital role in mitigating justice and human rights issues in Muhanga District

How CSOs played a vital role in mitigating justice and human rights issues in Muhanga District

Ihorere Munyarwanda Organization (IMRO) in partnership with CSOs has played a vital role in mobilizing and educating citizens on legal and human rights process in Muhanga District.

According to public officials in Muhanga District, it could not be an easy task of influencing public policy processes, decision-making, enforcing social justice and human rights if Civil Societies Organizations (CSOs) had not contributed in it.

During a phase out JRLOS joint meeting of Muhanga Ditrict and Civil Society Officials, the role of CSOs was recognized at the highest acknowledgment.

Uwineza Chantal, Director of Administration and good governance  of Muhanga District said “The role of  CSOs in educating and influencing our citizens on legal and human rights process during the implementation of JRLOs project is unique. We have conducted many citizens’ outreach together and the reaction of the people towards CSOs was positive”

She gave an example of issues and concerns that were raised in prisons and villages as well as schools and CSOs intervened by enlightening those concerns which significantly contributed to the awareness of the concerned people on their basic legal and human rights.

Uwineza also revealed that, JRLOs was a great opportunity for citizens, after being trained and educated on their basic legal and human rights, to approach their leaders and legal staff comfortably than before, when they were used to seeing security agents and  feel fearful, which could result in hiding their legal and human rights concerns.

Charlotte  Mukandungutse, IMRO advocacy manager pledged to increase CSOs joint collaboration with public entities to mitigate the issues that hinder citizens’ development.

She said “CSOs will continue to carry out evidence-based advocacy by increasing CSOs collaboration through joint initiatives, for the sake of wellbeing of the citizens”

She recommended the decrease of mistrust among CSOs with public sector to improve collaboration in policy and law making.

CSOs have a mandate of representing people, engage them in the entire process of public policies and influence changes since early 1990s.

Apart from Muhanga , the project was also implemented in Ruhango, Nyanza, Rwamagana, Rubavu, Rusizi, Gasabo, Nyarugenge, Rulindo, Kamonyi and Huye, respectively.

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