Muhanga: IMRO, Justice Sector and Muhanga District to further collaboration

Muhanga: IMRO, Justice Sector and Muhanga District to further collaboration

Ihorere Munyarwanda Organization (IMRO) Rwanda promised officials of Muhanga District in the Southern Province to increase efforts in their current contribution in helping citizens understand their rights to free justice. The message was delivered on May, 14, 2021 by IMRO National Coordinator, Aimable Mwananawe in Muhanga District during a joint meeting with civil society and the justice sector represented by the in charge of Justice, Reconciliation, Law and Order Sector Strategic Plan (JRLOS) in the district.

The meeting was aiming at evaluating the achievement from partners’ activities and setting the agenda for the way forward in delivering efficient justice.

It also aimed at discussing about the involvement of justice sector CSOs in JRLOS activities, the collaboration among CSOs and their effective engagement with the district priorities.

Speaking amid the event, Aimable Mwananawe, IMRO National Coordinator said that IMRO will continue to collaborate with Muhanga district to ensure that citizens to promote justice from the grassroots level.

IMRO National Coordinator, Aimable Mwananawe

The Vice Mayor in charge of Economic Affairs of Muhanga district Mr. Kayiranga Innocent commended the activities of IMRO and pledged district’s partnership between IMRO and civil society in fostering justice sector.

Participants during focus group discussions about JRLOS working framework and its rationale to their Organizations

It is expected that new justice sector CSOs will be listed with their areas of interventions in JRLOS and laws, policies will be influenced as part of the meeting results.

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